Conditions Treated by Holistic Health Care

Many of our patients have tried conventional medicine unsuccessfully. Naturopathic medicine and holistic health care have suc­cessfully treated many ordinary as well as unusual health conditions, including:

Infertility, cancer, digestive problems, bowel & colon problems, constipation, yeast condi­tions, blood sugar imbalances, skin conditions, allergies, emotional issues, aches & pains, head­aches, arthritis, infections, fatigue, stress, over & under weight, appetite, memory, circula­tion, insomnia, asthma, heart disease, vascular conditions, immune system response.

Many other ailments have responded favor­ably to natural therapies. Dr. Olarsch addresses the special needs of infants and children; women before, during and after pregnancy; the eld­erly; and athletes.