Institute for Naturopathic Health in Plymouth, NH

Institute for Naturopathic Health – Plymouth, NH

Dr. Olarsch is the founder and director of the Institute for Naturopathic Health (Plymouth, NH). The Institute provides a comfortable and healing environment, has beautiful grounds, and maintains a health and environment research library. In addition, the Institute encourages responsible community action in safeguarding the health of the planet and its inhabitants. This furthers the educational aspect of Dr. Olarsch’s healing work in naturopathic medicine.

At our clinic, the Institute for Naturopathic Health, Plymouth, New Hampshire, we offer these services:

  • Professional Nutritional Counseling.
  • Quality Therapeutic Massage—enhances health, reduces stress.
  • Reflexology—stimulating reflex points on the feet to relax and nourish.
  • Hair Analysis—an accurate method for determining mineral and toxin levels.
  • Herbal Consultations.
  • Iridology—analyzing the iris for body strengths and weaknesses.
  • Aromatherapy—using the aromatic oils of plants for healing.
  • Plymouth, New Hampshire

The Institute for Naturopathic Health is located in the town of Plymouth, New Hampshire—the gateway to the White Mountains. A small town, yet large enough to provide fine lodging and dining. Some of the area’s bed & breakfast country inns are beautifully restored from the 1700’s. Home to Plymouth State University, Plymouth is a typical quaint New England town, complete with the town common. The air is crisp and there is an abundance of natural outdoor activities, including skiing, water activities and hiking. There are historic and cultural attractions, scenic drives, and natural wildlife.

Conveniently located, the Institute is just off Interstate 93, Exit #26. This leaves you on Tenney Mountain Highway (Route 25 west), where you will find the Institute 2.4 miles on the right-hand side, a two-story white building. More comprehensive directions and maps can be found on our “Directions” page, and are also be sent to you when given an appointment.