Testimonials for Plymouth family medicine doctor David G Olarsch

Plymouth family medicine doctor testimonials

“Dr Olarsch has helped me change my state of health from being sick to being healthy. His kind, gentle, caring approach is valued as a patient & friend.”

Heidi Joyce, Professional Sports Trainer

“I first saw Dr Olarsch in 1992 after being bit up the White mountains and becoming deathly ill. No one back then knew it was a tic bite and doctors were just making me worse. Someone recommended Dr Olarsch. I truly believe he saved my life. Dr. Olarsch’s regime made me better. He is the very best.

Jo Ellen Ryan
Canterbury, NH

Testimonials for Naturopathic Doctor David Olarsch

“Very knowledgeable and caring. I felt significantly better within the first month of taking the supplements and following his program.”

Kelley Goodwin

“I was 26 years old when I was fortunate enough to find Dr. David Olarsch and the Institute For Naturopathic Health.

I had been suffering with chronic health issues starting at age 13 until that day. The health issues involved breathing issues, asthma, unrelenting colds, hospitalizations, inhalers, allergy tests, medications upon medications, emergency room visits, being covered in a bubble for a week so I could breathe, chronic acne and horrible skin issues, shots, and the list goes on. I had being seeing contemporary doctor after doctor and while temporary relief was provided, I never had a permanent long term solution…ever! And I was getting worse every year.

When I met Dr. Olarsch, I was ready for a real solution and I was desperate to be healthy. I was willing to do what he said.

Thank God I did. The 8 week detox cleanse he put me on and the following maintenance diet/program have lead me 22 years of incredible health. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. It required a change in my perspective and view of food and it’s great. There is so much great food out there, that not only tastes great, but makes my body buzz with health and vitality! He opened that door for me.

Today I eat delicious food. If ever I start to get sick, I check how closely I’m following Dr. David’s program. Usually I’ve strayed. When I get back on track, I’m healthy again within a few weeks!

I’ve also had several friends go see Dr. Olarsch with excellent results.

I can’t say enough about The Institute for Naturopathic Health and the profound positive affect Dr. Olarsch has had on my life. Today I’m 48 years old and no one believes me. A side benefit of good health is looking much younger. I frequently lie and just tell people I’m 38 because then they don’t question me.

Most of us on the modern main stream American diet have been so poisoned and are very used to a “disease-care” system of health rather than a “health-care” system of health. Most of us have have accepted that disease is just a natural part of life. I’m hear to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. I learned from Dr. Olarsch that many, many diseases are my body trying to tell me something is off and, if paid attention to, can be addressed my supporting the body to use it’s innate healing properties to rebalance and get back on track.

Dr. Olarsch is an unrelenting voice of truth and advocate for posititive, life affirming health in our world that is so backwards. I’m so grateful he was put in my life. I am a living example of great health and it’s all thanks to Dr. Olarsch.”

-Erik Sachs