Programs of a Naturopathic Doctor in New England

Naturopathic Doctor NH Program

Your first office visit with Naturopathic Doctor NH Dr. David Olarsch is very comprehensive. Taking the time to listen and discover what makes each of us unique, he creates a custom holistic health care program for each patient. After eight weeks of this cleansing and rebuilding program, he reviews your program with you at the next visit.

Together you create a health-care system that is empowering and realistic for your needs. The purpose of the program is to strengthen weak organs and systems, cleanse the bowels, elimination, circulatory, lymphatic and other systems. Each program takes into account many factors, such as environment, stress, emotions, life-style, and other individual needs. The program helps you develop a positive attitude, detoxify your body and adopt a more harmonious, vibrant, natural life-style.

As a New Hampshire naturopathic doctor, Dr. Olarsch believes in getting to the root of the problem, to find the underlying causes. His healing work nourishes the body, mind and spirit.