I. Gerald Olarsch, N.D.

January 5, 2005

The last known writings of Dr. David Olarsch’s father, Dr. I. Gerald Olarsch, was a heartfelt article about why to give a baby the best chance of long-term health. Dr. Jerry, as he was often called, raised his children the healthy way and was very active with the healthcare of his beloved grandchildren as well as numerous patients.

Good health for a baby begins before conception. Ideally, parents to be should begin practicing better nutrition at least six months before pregnancy occurs. We know that the quantity and quality of the sperm will improve considerably in the male if his diet “gets cleaned up” (goodbye to alcohol, sugar and white flour!). The addition of some basic vitamin supplements to the diet with extra emphasis on zinc and vitamin E will usually enhance the probability of conception and, in most cases, further aid the birth of a healthier child.

Mother to be should begin by visiting her local health food store and “picking the brains” of the employees as to better foods, good books on nutrition, etc.

Isn’t the thought of bringing a healthy child into the world through your own personal efforts and knowledge, rather than through the typical standard medical approach, so much more empowering? With the standard medical approach, you’re told all will be well if you just eat three good meals a day (who does?!), and get a pat on the shoulder from the doctor on the way out the door!

My approach over the years with my patients was: the more you read the more you understand, therefore, the more you help yourself. If you’re too lazy to read you’ll never get better.

Today, more people are aware of the chemicals in our foods, water, and air than ever before. If we think back over the years and realize all the various pollutants we’ve accumulated in our bodies, then you will realize why I emphasize detoxifying (cleaning up) your body first before conception.

To further help you to begin anew I would suggest you ask a friend or a person at your local health food store for the name of a good nutritionist or naturopathic physician.

Just think, husband and wife healthy, baby healthy, all adds up to make for a much happier marriage without the stress of a sickly, crying baby waking you up at all hours and you getting rundown from all this because your own poor nutrition won’t sustain you!

And now for the most crucial part for the healthiest baby—breast feeding. Back in the late 20’s and early 30’s, many medical doctors had the crazy idea (I’ve often wondered if certain processed food companies pushed for this through the medical schools!) that breast feeding was unnecessary and old-fashioned. So, as the story goes, most young mothers didn’t want to be out of step with modern society and proceeded to run to their nearest drug store to purchase the latest in canned formulas and bottles, etc. What a boon for the pharmaceutical industry!

I. Gerald Olarsch, N.D.