Mike Adams

Let’s Stop Kidding Ourselves: Ten “Big Duh” Realizations about Our World That Need to be Stated

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Forget the excuses, the spin and the propaganda. America’s proposed health reforms won’t work. The economy won’t be saved with more bailouts, and technology isn’t going to rescue us from carbon emissions. You want to know what’s real in our world? Here are ten “Big Duh” realizations that need to be flatly stated.

Big Duh #1 – Pharmaceuticals don’t work
Big Pharma’s drugs simply don’t work. They don’t cure any disease. Ask a cancer doctor about the number of patients he’s ever cured with chemotherapy: That number is zero. Ask a heart doctor how many patients have been cured with heart drugs: The answer is zero. How many diabetes patients have been cured with diabetes drugs? Also zero.

Big Pharma’s drugs don’t work. And the only reason people think they do work is because doctors and consumers alike are easily fooled by commercial advertising. Virtually all the so-called “science” backing drugs is utterly fraudulent (and the FDA continues to outlaw anything that might compete with drugs).

Big Duh #2 – You can’t raise healthy children on garbage food
America continues to feed its children junk processed food laced with chemical contaminants (food coloring, artificial sweeteners, MSG, etc.). And yet we somehow expect the next generation to grow up healthy and intelligent. This expectation is simply incompatible with the diets we are currently feeding our children.

Any society that hopes to have a future MUST base that future on a serious investment in the health of each successive generation. That means eliminating the junk foods, chemicals, processed foods, sodas and toxic pharmaceuticals that are poisoning our children today.

Big Duh #3 – Modern society is not sustainable
Let’s stop kidding ourselves on this one. The structure of modern urban living is simply not sustainable. From the importation of food, the dwindling supplies of water, the dependence on oil, the depletion of natural resources and the destruction of nature, human cities flat out cannot continue for very much longer as currently configured. We must either radically reduce our eco-footprint (and learn to live more locally) or we will not live much longer at current population levels. It’s as simple as that.

Another glaring issue with modern society is the population problem. We keep creating more people who consume more resources and ultimately destroy more of our natural environment. It’s time we realized we are in a population bubble that will soon burst, resulting in a sharp reduction in population in one way or another (a pandemic, crop failures, etc.).

Big Duh #4 – the American Empire is bankrupt
Do the math: The American Empire has no escape from outright financial destitution. The nation is so broke that even the big lenders who have been subsidizing America’s way of life for at least four decades are about to bail. Massive hyperinflation is on the way, and the gargantuan financial bailouts of the last nine months are just a sign of the financial idiocy that now seems to dominate the minds of those in Washington. Read about today’s horrifying debt spending under “Obamanomics” here: http://www.heritage.org/research/fe…

The era of “free money” is history, and with it goes the United States of America (at least as we know it today). Our brand of democracy combined with unlimited spending was a fascinating experiment. That experiment has now failed, and we’d better start thinking about the next revision of how a free society might work. My suggestion? Instant Runoff Voting (www.InstantRunoff.com) combined with an honest money system (gold standard).

Big Duh #5 – The health care crisis cannot be solved unless we focus on health
Everybody’s talking about the health care crisis, but nobody in Washington has a real plan to solve it. Instead of solving the problems, all the current discussion is about appeasing powerful lobby groups that represent corporations and institutions. The whole thing is a cruel joke.

Here’s a REAL solution to the health care problem: The Health Revolution Petition: www.HealthRevolutionPetition.org

Big Duh #6 – You cannot “screen” your way to good health
Big Pharma loves the idea of offering “free screening” for everything: Breast cancer, prostate cancer, depression, ADHD… you name it. The whole scam is a big recruiting ploy, of course, because screening for disease does nothing to prevent disease!

The conventional health industry cleverly liked to call screening “prevention.” But it isn’t. It’s just detection, not prevention. Real prevention is done with foods, sunlight, exercise and nutrition, not with a mammogram or a multiple-choice questionnaire.

Big Duh #7 – Carbon emissions do impact the environment
Sure, politicians around the world are hopping on the global warming bandwagon with devious plans to seize power and limit freedom based on this global emergency, but that doesn’t mean carbon emissions have no effect on the environment. The truth is: The stuff we put into the air affects the environment just as much as the stuff we put into our bodies affects our health.

Global warming may or may not be overblown, but only a fool would suppose that human beings can dump unlimited pollutants into the atmosphere without suffering any negative effects whatsoever. Virtually every destructive impact on our planet today is caused by man (including so-called “natural disasters” which are often accelerated by global warming).

Big Duh #8 – Animals have consciousness
It’s time consumers (and food industry profiteers) stopped pretending that cows, pigs, chickens and other animals have no consciousness or experience of pain. Cows and pigs in particular are highly intelligent, social mammals with real memories and real experiences. Growing them in factory farms as a food source is cruel and inhumane. Eating meat products (and drinking milk) from such animals is, itself, an endorsement of that cruelty.

Big Duh #9 – All the medicine we need already exists in plants
The “search for the cure” is a marketing gimmick. We already know how to cure cancer! … and diabetes, heart disease, kidney stones, depression, ADHD and a thousand other conditions. All the medicines we need to be healthy exist right now! They’re found in medicinal plants from around the world.

Big Pharma could be completely shut down tomorrow with absolutely no net loss of life across the world. The entire world could shift to medicinal plants (and foods) and live happier, safer and more abundantly based entirely on the natural medicines found in plants. There is no need for Big Pharma on our planet. It is an industry that could disappear without a trace to the great benefit of humankind.

Big Duh #10 – Humankind has learned nothing from the “advancement” of technology
Computers, combustion engines, nanotechnology and biochemistry… Compared to a hundred years ago, we seem smarter now because we have more gadgets. But in reality we’ve learned nothing from all this technology. Instead of ending all wars, we just fight them with more advanced weaponry. Instead of seeking real happiness, we just seek more high-tech stuff that fills our empty lives with convenient distractions. Instead of prioritizing quality of life, we focus on medicalizing people’s lives so that they become dependent on biochemical technologies instead of independently free and healthy based on natural medicine.

As a whole, the human population is no safer today than it was a hundred years ago, nor is it happier, wiser or more resourceful. If anything, technology has allowed us to be more wasteful, exploitive and isolated from the world in which we live.

Technology has given us no answers, but it has allowed us the leverage to create far larger problems that we have yet to resolve.

Mike Adams