Dr. Valery Mamonov, brilliant Russian author and researcher, has graciously allowed NaturopathicHealth.net to publish this essential list. Dr. Mamonov is a friend of Dr. David’s and his book and video are highly recommended. His book is Control for Life Extension, and his video is Live Long with Freedom. Visit Dr. Mamonov’s website longevitywatch.com.


1. Avoid Injuries, Trauma and Doctors
Avoid injuries and psychological trauma. More than looking for entertainment or pleasures, longevity personality is a master of avoiding harm of any kind. They drive safely and do their daily activities in their home and out there with security and precautions. They don’t engage in dangerous activities, overstrain with physical exertions or put themselves in a stressful situation. Longevity personality avoids doctors, both allopathic and alternative, unless in case of emergency. They think doctors are not bad guys, they just don’t know the cause of person’s illness and don’t understand their unique type. Their drugs, antibiotics, and treatments all have strong side effects, including death. Regular medical check-ups and non-invasive tests are necessary, though. Longevity personality takes good care of themselves, invests their time and efforts in their health and fitness, and prefers to be self-sufficient. They free themselves from help outside, unless it is absolutely necessary. They have reclaimed ownership for their life. We can definitely learn from them to be healthy and happy, enjoy our life and live long with freedom.

2. Marry Peace of Mind and Be Happy
Be happy. Develop a positive attitude, don’t allow negative thoughts and words. Avoid mixing with negative people. Watch out. Whatever comes to you, be happy with it. Learn from the mistakes of others more than from your own mistakes. Do prayers, practice meditation. Take a stressful situation as an opportunity to manifest your strength. Improve your health and prolong your life doing everything with passion. Be strong, because others will be against you. Start loving yourself. God created you and gave you a blessing of life. Enjoy it. Enjoy your life in America. America is the greatest country in the world and you are fortunate to be born in it. Don’t take it for granted, appreciate it. Start your day with a gratitude to the Creator that you are alive and well, with prayer, meditation or with positive affirmations. Believe in God. Connect to your spiritual self. Many centenarians and long lived people attribute their longevity to believing in God.

3. Express Yourself, Have Fun and be Here and Now
Avoid worrying about the future or regret about past, and be here and now. Time stops running now and you don’t age, if you live now and here. Express yourself freely, rest a lot, and if you are irritable, have a few more hours of sleep. You will feel much better. Distinction between good and bad has limitations, but universe perceived as a whole is unlimited. Practice easy-going behaviors and be confident and content. Focus on having lots of fun and enjoy your sexual relationship. Have your partner eat garlic also and enjoy your anti-inflammatory sex life often and for many years ahead. Don’t allow yourself to be depressed, often by an insignificant reason. Don’t insist on others doing things your way, allow them to express themselves. Live your life and let them live their own life. But do not allow others to control your life, be selfish in doing things that are good for you. Make yourself a priority #1. If they don’t like the way you behave, it is, like with garlic, their problem, not yours. Be an observer more than a mess maker. Whatever you do or behave, never feel guilty. You’ve done everything right, for that moment and situation. They are sometimes above you and you have to comply with them.

4. Become Best Friends with Temperance and Moderation
Practice moderation, temperance. Frank Shomo, who lived to be 108, used to say, “Don’t bend elbow too much.” Simplify your life and get rid of many belongings that take space in your head and in your home.

5. Cleanse and Purify Yourself
Cleanse and purify your body, avoid pollutants and rid of toxins, bacteria and parasites. Multiple pollution’s: air, water, food, EMF, sound pollution and sick people around us and acidifying cooked food all put a great stress on our elimination organs. We suffer of constipation, toxic liver, gall bladder, kidney and bladder stones, sludged lymphatic system and clogged arteries. Enemas for colon cleanse, liver-gallbladder flush, kidneys flush, lymph and blood vessels cleanse can be done at your home. And I will show you how.

6. Move Your Body, Exercise Your Brain
Do aerobic, resistance, breathing and flexibility exercises. Long lived people are slim and trim. Do yoga, go to sauna, you need to sweat to expel toxins from your body. You can exercise your brain by memorizing holy books, prayers, reciting poems, learning a foreign language, anatomy, physiology, mathematics or playing piano, organ and other musical instruments.

7. Eat Less Calories
Practice calorie restriction. The less you eat, the longer you live. Food is a double edge sword—it gives us life and takes it away. Don’t worry about your life-long food intake—lasting longer, you will eat more in the long run. Daily calorie intake and longevity graph has an optimal peek for long lived people and centenarians—they eat in average 1,500 calories a day, as compared to 3.400 calories for an average American. Spiritual breatherians (well documented cases of people who abstained from food for decades) and sumo wrestlers of Japan on both extremes of the graph do not live long. My finding is in sync with an article from the Wall Street Journal on calorie restriction.

8. Eat Your Twelve Longevity Super Foods
Eat your twelve longevity super foods: sea weed, flax seeds, pomegranates, aloe vera, garlic, bee pollen, broccoli, apricots, grapes, prunes, seeds/nuts and green leafy vegetables including sprouts. Eat your superstar longevity food—sea weed. Put it and other longevity foods in the powerful blender like Vita-Mix for breaking into tiny particles for better digestion. It blends in seconds and thus minimizes oxidation.

9. Drink Green Juices, Eat Green Smoothies
Drink fresh green and vegetable juices every day. Eat green smoothies made from vegetables, sees and nuts, sprouts and and leafy greens. Invest in wheat grass juicer and powerful blender. Juice and smoothie bars are plentiful nowadays. If you don’t like their recipes, you can bring your own flax seed sprouts, barely grass, almonds and pumpkin seeds soaked in water and ask them to make a juice or a smoothie for you.

10. Don’t Bring Inside Dead Food, Bring in Life Food
Avoid or minimize bringing inside your holy body temple dead food including sugar, and white flour products, animal and dairy products, salty and processed, man-made food, most processed fats, oils and fried foods. Instead, maximize your intake of living foods, such as wild and organic greens, fruits, berries, vegetables, seeds, nuts and some mushrooms and fermented foods. Some blood types may need, though, small amounts of organic meats, eggs and dairy products.

11. Eat Less Animal Protein and Fat
Avoid excessive protein and fat consumption, especially animal proteins. We need much less protein to stay healthy and fit, than most nutrition authorities recommend. Protein is a double-edged sword. It leaves toxic residue: uric acid, urea and ammonia. Excessive protein consumption is strongly linked to an increased death rate from cancer-graph for 87 counties. My finding is in sync to Dr. Colin Campbell’s book The China Study and Dr. Neil Nedley’s book Proof Positive.

12. Know Your Body and Personality Type
We are all unique. Thou shalt know thyself. Do self-assessment. The book “Control for Life Extension: A Personalized Holistic Approach,” helps you understand your unique body and personality type and do everything right for your type. Eight Western and five Oriental diagnostic systems are used for self-assessment: heredity, lifestyle, blood type, metabolic type, somatype, personality type, instincts, temperaments, Ayurvedic dosha type, yin-yang type, five elements type, chakra profile and horoscope. Self-asssemesment is done though charts—you highlight entries in the charts that are appropriate you you, count them and put result of the assessment on the graph. After you are done thorough all 13 systems, you will have your unique multifaceted profile. Food choices for your type are at the end of the book. Other features of lifestyle suitable to your type are throughout the book.


Valery Mamonov, Ph.D.