Naturopathy, or Nature Cure, is the only true science of healing based on the universal laws of nature; it aims to eliminate the cause as well as to correct the effects of disease; it necessitates perfect nutrition and elimination, perfect oxygenation, perfect circulation, perfect generation.

Nature Cure does not suppress disease, nor merely counteract symptoms; it restores health through the regulation of body functions, by eliminating disease products and disease cause; in other words, by establishing a process of reconstruction and regeneration in the body.

The modern nature cure physcian must understand and employ every method of healing that is in accord with the natural physiological action of the body, and all that is good in all the natural methods of healing, for in serious chronic diseases any single method, whether it be diet, hydrotherapy, chiropractic, neuropathy, osteopathy, spondylotherapy, or any agent or other form of manual or mechanical manipulation is not sufficient by itself to achieve perfect, speedy and lasting results.

Naturopathy, or nature cure, is the greatest ecletic system of healing; it is the practical realization and application of all that is good in natural science, philosophy and religion. Its doctrine is based on the one uncontrovertible universal law—that the primary cause of disease (barring accidental or surgical injury to the human organism and surroundings hostile to human life) is:

Violation of Nature’s Laws
This violation causes: lowered vitality; abnormal composition of blood and lymph; accumulation of waste matter, morbid materials and poisons.
Acute disease is, in reality, the result of nature’s efforts to eliminate from the organism waste matter, foreign matter and poisons, and to repair injury to living tissues.
Chronic disease is the inabilty of the organism to react by acute efforts or healing crisis “against constitutional disease conditions.”
Healing crisis is an acute reaction towards recovery in conformity with nature’s constructive principle, resulting from the ascendancy of nature’s healing forces over disease conditions.
Cure is the readjustment of the human organism from abnormal to normal conditions and functions.

In order to accomplish a cure, Naturopathy uses the natural, harmless, drugless, non-surgical agencies, such as:
Scientific food selection and combination.
The uses of water, air, light and exercise.
The mechanical remedies, such as: Scientific manipulation, orthopedics or corrective gymnastics, chiropractic or structural adjustment, kinesi-therapy, neuropathy, naprapathy, spondylo-therapy and mechano-therapy.
Normal suggestion and the prayer of faith.

The modern manipultive and corrective methods, such as osteopathy, neuropathy, naprapathy, chiropractic, spondylo-therapy, etc., have all added greatly to the efficiency of Nature Cure, and if intelligently applied, achieve marvelous results, but applied with a false idea regarding the cause of disease and its removal, they can only give temporaty and never lasting relief—and sometimes they may do grave harm.

The average person knows very little about the conditions of his own body and is in absolute ignorance of its physical operations.

Therefore, he considers disease to be a condition which is “caught.”

He never realizes that the foundation for these conditions is laid deep within the system and has been progressing sometimes for a life time, sometimes for years before the outbreak occurs and that many alterations in organic functions and circulation are necessary before disease conditions will manifest.

The nature cure physician by his accurate and unfailing methods of analysis and “Iridology” or the “diagnosis from the eye,” determines with perfect certainty from the iris of the eye the normal and abnormal conditons of the organism in general and of the different organs in particular, and can detect any tendancy toward disease long before the individual is aware of trouble in the body. He can therefore advise the necessary correction that will prevent any disease condition from making progress in the body.

The eye is not only the mirror of the soul, but it discloses with absolute certainty the different mental and physical conditions of the body—it reveals the morbid changes going on in the system, and the discovery and perfection of the diagnosis from the eye (by M. Peczely, M.D., Hungary, 1861) is one of the greatest achievements of the human mind.

But why is it that this accurate diagnostic science is not universally adopted by the physicians of all schools? Why do they grasp in the dark instead of looking in the light? Because it discloses the fallacy of their teachings and unmistakably reveals the direful results of chronic drug-poisoning and ill-advised operations.

For nature makes known, and reveals by signs, marks and discolorations in the iris of the eye, not only all acute and chronic inflammatory and catarrhal conditions; all inherited and acquired tendencies towards health and disease, the condition of the body in general and the state of every organ in particular, but it also reveals accurately the destruction of tissues by various drug-poisons and the changes in tissues by accidental injury or by surgical mutilations.

By Nature Cure only do these signs disappear after thorough and gradual purification of the system and readjustment of the organism to normal conditions.

In this manner, Nature Cure becomes the only safe, sane preventive of disease—and is the only system which holds out the hope of ultimate recovery and perfect, permanent health to the sufferer.

The physician who does not understand the laws of nature, has no objective toward which to work; he looks upon the counteraction of symptoms as the cure, whereas this very suppression of symptoms lays the foundation for chronic disease.

The Nature Cure physician, being a true physician, is the one who helps you to help yourself.

He is the one who knows the intelligent application of nature’s laws, that the results of ignorance can be corrected by the application of intelligence.

Evil “is not an accident, not an aribitrary punishment, not always an error of mortal mind.”

It is the natural and inevitable result of violations of nature’s laws.

It is instructive and corrective in purpose and will remain with us only as long as we need its salutary lessons.

The more we study the rules of the laws of nature, and the more we follow them, the more comes the painful convictions forced upon us that mankind of today is, as it were, struck with blindness, when it is a question of protecting one-self from sickness or of healing one-self of such ailments as have been systematically developed and contracted.

The multitude has, indeed, so far accustomed itself to the unhappy fate, to the deep despair and misery of its fellow-creatures, as to jump to the false conclusion that there is no remedy for certain diseases and that poverty, sickness and misery cannot be banished from the world.

It seems inevitable that an age so advanced as ours, which has made such wonderful discoveries, and in which the advancement of science plays such an important part, can not remain behind where the mental and physical weal and woe of the individual are at stake. The laws of nature are simple, too simple, for those who search in vain, in the deep and obstruse, and it is the overlooking of these simple laws, which is the cause of the failures in the treatment of disease, and the use of empirical methods.

By natural methods, all diseases are curable, but there are incurable patients, for if there is not sufficient vitality of the body to enable a reaction to follow and a healing crisis to be got over, there is no chance for recovery. Happily, these cases are rare—and with a firm belief and absolute confidence in nature’s benevolent healing-factors, and with unswerving obedience to the instructions of the Nature Cure Physician—a perfect cure will follow.

The Nature Cure Physician’s sheet anchor is Law—the immutable law of nature; he gives nature what she requires and her work will be perfect.

What a glorious vista! Life restored, Life sustained, Life prolonged!

Therefore return to nature; go for inspiraton not to the murky atmosphere of the dissecting and vivsection rooms, not to the poison bottle, but to the field and forest. Learn to live in harmony with the laws of nature, learn the dangers of the violations of nature’s laws and their correction and prevention by rational living and treatment; then we shall have true types of beautiful manhood and womanhood, and the children thus born and reared in harmony with nature’s law will be the future masters of the earth.

Rene V. Thirion, N.D., M.D.