Save Our Supplements.org

About the Coalition

The Coalition to Preserve DSHEA’s mission is to safeguard the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), the 1994 law allowing citizens across the United States access to and information about dietary supplements that benefit their health.

The Coalition reaches out to dietary supplement consumers through the Website SaveOurSupplements.org to educate citizens about the threats to supplement access and simple actions they can take to save our supplements.

Additionally, the Coalition aims to educate current legislators and staff about the effectiveness of DSHEA and the benefits it provides to all Americans. The Coalition makes personal visits to legislators and their staff to provide them with information about existing and future legislation.

The Coalition to Preserve DSHEA is a non-profit C-6 organization funded through donations from suppliers of dietary supplement products and services. One hundred percent of funding is expressly targeted toward unique Coalition projects and is not used for other industry programs or to pay for existing salaries, operating overhead and other costs.



Save Our Supplements.org