Q: Why can’t I lose weight?

A: Many holistic health practitioners predicted our obesity epidemic decades ago. Years of inactivity and eating fake foods has finally caught up to the human race! A healthy weight is a combination of many factors, each requiring some discussion. Eating the foods that are right for your particular body is paramount. There are some foods that you do well with, and some foods that will easily put weight on you. A good Naturopath can help you discover these foods.

When you eat is often a factor. Food consumed late at night counts twice as much. Any food after 5PM should be light on the body, such as fruits, veggies, or a healthy starch such as sweet potatoes. Exercise or movement can be a factor, as can sleep patterns, stress and work. Fluid (hydration) can be a factor. Portion sizes of food can be a factor for some. Learning about good fats vs. bad fats is important.

One major and often overlooked factor is colon health. That is where food is absorbed and assimilated from, not the stomach! If we are not digesting our food, we need to eat more to get nutrients. Salads, good fibers are filling and clean us out, and are loaded with nutrients. The thyroid must be considered, as well as your adrenal glands. At our Clinic, we utilize many tools to help patients lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off for their lifetime. This Q&A format only lends itself to a brief answer, and one that is not personalized for you!

Q: What can I do about acne? What is the best and quickest way to get rid of acne?

A: There can be several causes for acne. Also, where it presents on the body can be a clue. In my experience, everything from cosmetics, perfumes, synthetic clothing, clothing that needs to be washed more often, laundry detergents, sleepwear (synthetic, needing to be washed), are all possible factors.

The most common cause of acne is toxicity; the body is full of toxins and it is using the skin as an eliminative organ. Plenty of water consumption with an increase in consumption of fruits and vegetables to reduce constipation is the key. Using a cotton wash cloth to keep the acne area free of excess oils can help, as can some cleansers from Aubrey Organics. I love their Herbal Facial Cleanser! Incidentally, the cotton wash cloth must be fresh and clean. They develop bacteria and mold quickly, not good for your skin!

The liver can be toxic, so doing a liver/gallbladder detox often helps tremendously. Our liver filters toxins, breaks down fats, helps with blood purifying and hundreds of other important functions. The liver also has a lot to do with our hormonal balance, and that can affect acne quite a bit.

One observation from years of observing patients: Keep your hands off your face! Use the backside of your hand if you have an itch or need to touch your face. There is much oil on the palm side of your hand and that clogs pores. While we are on the subject of skin health, consider skin brushing and complexion brush, flax or fish oils, iodine, vitamin A&D or beta carotene. Sunlight in moderation is very important for skin wellbeing. The thyroid needs to be running well to have healthy skin. Toxins from environment such as air pollution, chlorine, chemicals (especially housecleaning, furniture refinishing) can mess up your skin.

That’s it off the top of my head. You can use the search engine on our website for remedies for the liver, acne, detoxification, and other key words such as kidney, bowel, colon, skin.

David G. Olarsch, N.D.