A New Method to Treat the Thyroid

Dr. David Olarsch

In the fall of 2006, I became one of a handful of doctors certified in a protocol for helping those who are suffering from thyroid problems. Called Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome (also called Wilson’s Thyroid Syndrome, WT3 Therapy), it affects many people. WTS refers to the low body temperature that many of us have. Some of the major symptoms include low body temperature (have you ever taken your temperature when you are not sick?), feeling chilled, cold hands (and feet, nose, buttocks), low energy, inability to lose weight or keep it off, and many other common malady’s that some people just can’t get rid of. For more details, go to Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome.

What is remarkable about this revolutionary approach, is that the fix is often permanent and can positively affect many other bodily functions. By adjusting your body’s thermostat, many other problems go away. For years, this condition—called hypothyroidism or hypothyroid—has been difficult to treat successfully. Previous measures included drugs such as synthroid or Armour thyroid, and required a lifetime commitment to the drugs. And, after a while, patients didn’t feel much better.

At my training, I met other doctors that have seen remarkable results, and most of what I learned fit in with my experience’s in my office practice. It can be a long and brutal struggle for some to balance their thyroid. Many have asked me “Is there help for my thyroid?” It is very gratifying to see many people enjoy life once again and to feel wonderful. This protocol has made a big difference in their lives, their families and even their careers.

In addition to the common reasons the thyroid goes out of balance, there are some other reasons we are seeing near epidemic levels of thyroid problems. A traumatic event, such as death of a loved one, divorce or a serious injury can lower thyroid function. A car accident or other severe shock can also cause this. Two other very important factors that reduce thyroid efficiency (or damage the thyroid) are thyocyanide in cigarette smoke and fluorides in municipal water supplies and toothpaste.

Some of the common reasons the thyroid can become weak include: prolonged stress, mercury (from “silver” dental fillings, vaccines, and the environment), poor diet, lack of iodine (no longer in our topsoil, an essential mineral), genetic inheritance, excessive dieting, even childbirth, and perhaps the most shocking: from eating soy products. Soy products, which Americans have been encouraged to gorge on, have enzymes that can inhibit thyroid hormone production. In some countries, pregnant women and babies are told to avoid soy products, along with mercury dental fillings and certain fish that are high in toxic metals. See elsewhere on this website for further information on which soy products to avoid and which are beneficial.

What is the thyroid and why is it so important? One word: metabolism! This little gland, which has 2 lobes (right & left side) and resides in our neck, performs some vital functions. The hormones it produces affect metabolism, calcium distribution, body temperatures, digestion, fat & protein synthesis, white blood cell activity, blood flow and sex hormones! Low thyroid function can have a disturbing effect in young children of slow growth and general lack of mental and physical development.

The ramifications of a low functioning thyroid affects every tissue, organ and cell in the body. It is associated with slow nutritional absorption, decreased libido and lack of motivation (see symptom list at the link above). Thanks to what I have learned, we now have some powerful tools to heal and restore this organ.

I’ll elaborate the process and where it goes wrong. The hypothalamus stimulates the pituitary gland (both are contained in the brain) to produce thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). TSH then stimulates the thyroid to produce and release thyroxine (T4). T4 is then converted into triiodthyronine (T3), which is vital for life and four times more active than T4. This conversion of T4 to T3 takes place in the cells. (T4 can also be converted into reverse T3, which is physiologically inactive.)

Under significant physical, mental, or emotional stress the body slows down the metabolism by decreasing the amount of raw material (T4) that is converted to the active thyroid hormone (T3). This is done to conserve energy. However, when the stress is over, the metabolism is supposed to speed up and return to normal. This process can become derailed by a buildup of reverse T3 (rT3) hormone. Reverse T3 can build to such high levels that it begins to start using up the enzyme that converts T4 to T3. The body may try to correct this by releasing more TSH and T4 only to have the levels of rT3 go even higher. A vicious cycle is created where T4 is never converted into active T3. Certain nationalities are more likely to develop Wilson’s syndrome: those whose ancestors survived famine, such as Irish, American Indian, Scotch, Welsh, and Russian. Interestingly, those patients who are part Irish and part American Indian are the most prone of all. Women are also more likely than men to develop Wilson’s syndrome.

Armour Thyroid and other prescription thyroid glandulars (including Nuthroid and Westhroid), contain both T4 and T3. Synthroid and other synthetic thyroid medications contain T4 only. Since some individuals have a difficult time converting inactive T4 to active T3, these medications may not work at the cellular level. Individuals may take T4 medications for years and never notice much improvement.

Denis Wilson, M.D., refined some of the pioneering clinical research first performed by Broda Barnes, M.D. Dr. Wilson showed that symptoms of low thyroid function could be present with normal thyroid blood tests. The group of symptoms that he studied he called Wilson’s syndrome. These symptoms can include severe fatigue, headache and migraine, PMS, easy weight gain, fluid retention, irritability, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, decreased memory and concentration, hair loss, decreased sex drive, unhealthy nails, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, dry skin, dry hair, cold and/or heat intolerance, low self-esteem, irregular periods, chronic or repeated infections, and many other complaints.

I consider myself and my patients quite fortunate that I have had the opportunity to study with Dr. Wilson and others who have pioneered this exciting new protocol for low body temperature. Please take some time to study it for yourself, and keep in mind that in my office practice, I treat the whole person, not just one organ or system. WT3 therapy is a wonderful addition to my holistic approach to honoring our biochemical individuality.

Dr. David Olarsch

Save Our Supplements!

Save Our Supplements!

Save Our Supplements.org

About the Coalition

The Coalition to Preserve DSHEA’s mission is to safeguard the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), the 1994 law allowing citizens across the United States access to and information about dietary supplements that benefit their health.

The Coalition reaches out to dietary supplement consumers through the Website SaveOurSupplements.org to educate citizens about the threats to supplement access and simple actions they can take to save our supplements.

Additionally, the Coalition aims to educate current legislators and staff about the effectiveness of DSHEA and the benefits it provides to all Americans. The Coalition makes personal visits to legislators and their staff to provide them with information about existing and future legislation.

The Coalition to Preserve DSHEA is a non-profit C-6 organization funded through donations from suppliers of dietary supplement products and services. One hundred percent of funding is expressly targeted toward unique Coalition projects and is not used for other industry programs or to pay for existing salaries, operating overhead and other costs.



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Naturopathy, or Nature Cure

Naturopathy, or Nature Cure, is the only true science of healing based on the universal laws of nature; it aims to eliminate the cause as well as to correct the effects of disease; it necessitates perfect nutrition and elimination, perfect oxygenation, perfect circulation, perfect generation.

Nature Cure does not suppress disease, nor merely counteract symptoms; it restores health through the regulation of body functions, by eliminating disease products and disease cause; in other words, by establishing a process of reconstruction and regeneration in the body.

The modern nature cure physcian must understand and employ every method of healing that is in accord with the natural physiological action of the body, and all that is good in all the natural methods of healing, for in serious chronic diseases any single method, whether it be diet, hydrotherapy, chiropractic, neuropathy, osteopathy, spondylotherapy, or any agent or other form of manual or mechanical manipulation is not sufficient by itself to achieve perfect, speedy and lasting results.

Naturopathy, or nature cure, is the greatest ecletic system of healing; it is the practical realization and application of all that is good in natural science, philosophy and religion. Its doctrine is based on the one uncontrovertible universal law—that the primary cause of disease (barring accidental or surgical injury to the human organism and surroundings hostile to human life) is:

Violation of Nature’s Laws
This violation causes: lowered vitality; abnormal composition of blood and lymph; accumulation of waste matter, morbid materials and poisons.
Acute disease is, in reality, the result of nature’s efforts to eliminate from the organism waste matter, foreign matter and poisons, and to repair injury to living tissues.
Chronic disease is the inabilty of the organism to react by acute efforts or healing crisis “against constitutional disease conditions.”
Healing crisis is an acute reaction towards recovery in conformity with nature’s constructive principle, resulting from the ascendancy of nature’s healing forces over disease conditions.
Cure is the readjustment of the human organism from abnormal to normal conditions and functions.

In order to accomplish a cure, Naturopathy uses the natural, harmless, drugless, non-surgical agencies, such as:
Scientific food selection and combination.
The uses of water, air, light and exercise.
The mechanical remedies, such as: Scientific manipulation, orthopedics or corrective gymnastics, chiropractic or structural adjustment, kinesi-therapy, neuropathy, naprapathy, spondylo-therapy and mechano-therapy.
Normal suggestion and the prayer of faith.

The modern manipultive and corrective methods, such as osteopathy, neuropathy, naprapathy, chiropractic, spondylo-therapy, etc., have all added greatly to the efficiency of Nature Cure, and if intelligently applied, achieve marvelous results, but applied with a false idea regarding the cause of disease and its removal, they can only give temporaty and never lasting relief—and sometimes they may do grave harm.

The average person knows very little about the conditions of his own body and is in absolute ignorance of its physical operations.

Therefore, he considers disease to be a condition which is “caught.”

He never realizes that the foundation for these conditions is laid deep within the system and has been progressing sometimes for a life time, sometimes for years before the outbreak occurs and that many alterations in organic functions and circulation are necessary before disease conditions will manifest.

The nature cure physician by his accurate and unfailing methods of analysis and “Iridology” or the “diagnosis from the eye,” determines with perfect certainty from the iris of the eye the normal and abnormal conditons of the organism in general and of the different organs in particular, and can detect any tendancy toward disease long before the individual is aware of trouble in the body. He can therefore advise the necessary correction that will prevent any disease condition from making progress in the body.

The eye is not only the mirror of the soul, but it discloses with absolute certainty the different mental and physical conditions of the body—it reveals the morbid changes going on in the system, and the discovery and perfection of the diagnosis from the eye (by M. Peczely, M.D., Hungary, 1861) is one of the greatest achievements of the human mind.

But why is it that this accurate diagnostic science is not universally adopted by the physicians of all schools? Why do they grasp in the dark instead of looking in the light? Because it discloses the fallacy of their teachings and unmistakably reveals the direful results of chronic drug-poisoning and ill-advised operations.

For nature makes known, and reveals by signs, marks and discolorations in the iris of the eye, not only all acute and chronic inflammatory and catarrhal conditions; all inherited and acquired tendencies towards health and disease, the condition of the body in general and the state of every organ in particular, but it also reveals accurately the destruction of tissues by various drug-poisons and the changes in tissues by accidental injury or by surgical mutilations.

By Nature Cure only do these signs disappear after thorough and gradual purification of the system and readjustment of the organism to normal conditions.

In this manner, Nature Cure becomes the only safe, sane preventive of disease—and is the only system which holds out the hope of ultimate recovery and perfect, permanent health to the sufferer.

The physician who does not understand the laws of nature, has no objective toward which to work; he looks upon the counteraction of symptoms as the cure, whereas this very suppression of symptoms lays the foundation for chronic disease.

The Nature Cure physician, being a true physician, is the one who helps you to help yourself.

He is the one who knows the intelligent application of nature’s laws, that the results of ignorance can be corrected by the application of intelligence.

Evil “is not an accident, not an aribitrary punishment, not always an error of mortal mind.”

It is the natural and inevitable result of violations of nature’s laws.

It is instructive and corrective in purpose and will remain with us only as long as we need its salutary lessons.

The more we study the rules of the laws of nature, and the more we follow them, the more comes the painful convictions forced upon us that mankind of today is, as it were, struck with blindness, when it is a question of protecting one-self from sickness or of healing one-self of such ailments as have been systematically developed and contracted.

The multitude has, indeed, so far accustomed itself to the unhappy fate, to the deep despair and misery of its fellow-creatures, as to jump to the false conclusion that there is no remedy for certain diseases and that poverty, sickness and misery cannot be banished from the world.

It seems inevitable that an age so advanced as ours, which has made such wonderful discoveries, and in which the advancement of science plays such an important part, can not remain behind where the mental and physical weal and woe of the individual are at stake. The laws of nature are simple, too simple, for those who search in vain, in the deep and obstruse, and it is the overlooking of these simple laws, which is the cause of the failures in the treatment of disease, and the use of empirical methods.

By natural methods, all diseases are curable, but there are incurable patients, for if there is not sufficient vitality of the body to enable a reaction to follow and a healing crisis to be got over, there is no chance for recovery. Happily, these cases are rare—and with a firm belief and absolute confidence in nature’s benevolent healing-factors, and with unswerving obedience to the instructions of the Nature Cure Physician—a perfect cure will follow.

The Nature Cure Physician’s sheet anchor is Law—the immutable law of nature; he gives nature what she requires and her work will be perfect.

What a glorious vista! Life restored, Life sustained, Life prolonged!

Therefore return to nature; go for inspiraton not to the murky atmosphere of the dissecting and vivsection rooms, not to the poison bottle, but to the field and forest. Learn to live in harmony with the laws of nature, learn the dangers of the violations of nature’s laws and their correction and prevention by rational living and treatment; then we shall have true types of beautiful manhood and womanhood, and the children thus born and reared in harmony with nature’s law will be the future masters of the earth.

Rene V. Thirion, N.D., M.D.

Good Health for Babies

I. Gerald Olarsch, N.D.

January 5, 2005

The last known writings of Dr. David Olarsch’s father, Dr. I. Gerald Olarsch, was a heartfelt article about why to give a baby the best chance of long-term health. Dr. Jerry, as he was often called, raised his children the healthy way and was very active with the healthcare of his beloved grandchildren as well as numerous patients.

Good health for a baby begins before conception. Ideally, parents to be should begin practicing better nutrition at least six months before pregnancy occurs. We know that the quantity and quality of the sperm will improve considerably in the male if his diet “gets cleaned up” (goodbye to alcohol, sugar and white flour!). The addition of some basic vitamin supplements to the diet with extra emphasis on zinc and vitamin E will usually enhance the probability of conception and, in most cases, further aid the birth of a healthier child.

Mother to be should begin by visiting her local health food store and “picking the brains” of the employees as to better foods, good books on nutrition, etc.

Isn’t the thought of bringing a healthy child into the world through your own personal efforts and knowledge, rather than through the typical standard medical approach, so much more empowering? With the standard medical approach, you’re told all will be well if you just eat three good meals a day (who does?!), and get a pat on the shoulder from the doctor on the way out the door!

My approach over the years with my patients was: the more you read the more you understand, therefore, the more you help yourself. If you’re too lazy to read you’ll never get better.

Today, more people are aware of the chemicals in our foods, water, and air than ever before. If we think back over the years and realize all the various pollutants we’ve accumulated in our bodies, then you will realize why I emphasize detoxifying (cleaning up) your body first before conception.

To further help you to begin anew I would suggest you ask a friend or a person at your local health food store for the name of a good nutritionist or naturopathic physician.

Just think, husband and wife healthy, baby healthy, all adds up to make for a much happier marriage without the stress of a sickly, crying baby waking you up at all hours and you getting rundown from all this because your own poor nutrition won’t sustain you!

And now for the most crucial part for the healthiest baby—breast feeding. Back in the late 20’s and early 30’s, many medical doctors had the crazy idea (I’ve often wondered if certain processed food companies pushed for this through the medical schools!) that breast feeding was unnecessary and old-fashioned. So, as the story goes, most young mothers didn’t want to be out of step with modern society and proceeded to run to their nearest drug store to purchase the latest in canned formulas and bottles, etc. What a boon for the pharmaceutical industry!

I. Gerald Olarsch, N.D.

Facts About Disease

erson a long time to grasp this theory. Some may even look upon it with a certain amount of derision, some may even think it humorous, but if you will study the subject carefully, study your own body, and do not have too much faith in authorities, depend upon your own mind, you will be compelled to admit the accuracy of these conclusions and when you accept them in their entirety you will have to discard drugs forever. And if these theories are accurate the methods that are being used in all civilized countries in the treatment of disease are actually terrifying. If these theories are true, then millions of human beings have gone to their graves who might just as well be here with us tonight.

The principal reasons for keeping these theories in the background, is because there is but little financial reward to those who advise them. the ordinary medical practitioner who is broad minded enough to use them in his practice, frequently loses his patients. He sometimes loses most of is practice, for his patients are cure too quickly and the time soon coms when they no longer need him. He is not able to keep a patient very long. There is no need of prolonging sickness when these theories are followed. The methods of recovery are entirely too simple to be financially profitable. Take our own institution here, for instance. When a patient comes here and grasps our theories in all their wondrous simplicity (and this is not difficult for we do not try to make them mysterious, we want every patient to understand them), when a patient comes here and possesses himself of the theories we teach, if he is attacked by a complaint of any kind after his return home, he knows how to cure himself. There is no need of coming here every few months to recuperate. A visit to this institution is an education. To most people, in fact, it is a revelation. It gives them different views of life. It teaches them great truths that are worth more than mere money.

There is a vast deal of humbug everywhere in what is often termed science. If a man wants to bamboozle the public, he usually sets froth his theories in intricate statements that he does not understand himself, and nobody else can understand. The average individual noting their intricate character immediately concludes that a man must, indeed, be wonderful to comprehend such deep problems.

Showing the nature of disease, I remember some time ago hearing of a consumptive patient who acquired smallpox. I am of the opinion that it would have been difficult for him to have acquired smallpox if his former disease had been very far advanced. You all know the nature of smallpox. In serious cases it “breaks out” in sores all over the body, which eliminate pus, and when cases are very bad or poorly treated, the disease leaves deep scars all over the body. Now the smallpox in the instance referred to, cured the consumptive patient. In accordance with medical theories, a result of this kind is almost unbelievable; but the explanation of the cure in this case is simple. Impurities that were being eliminated through the lungs in the form of pus, which is quite usual in consumptive cases, were diverted to the surface and eliminated through the running sores which are one of the symptoms of smallpox, and when her recovered from smallpox, his body had been so purified that there was nothing left of his consumption.

Illustrating how the impurities of the body may be diverted from one source of elimination to another, there is a physician of considerable reputation who treats consumptive patients by simply blistering the chest. This blistering process brings about an inflammation on the outside surface of the chest and the impurities or poisons that have been thrown out through the lungs are diverted to the surface for elimination. This theory also proves that disease is nothing more than poisons in the blood, and when poisons are thrown out, the disease is cured. There is but little difference whether disease is acute or chronic in form. The chronic disease is in nearly every case an acute disease that has been made chronic. When you are attacked by the symptoms of an acute disease, and you ignore the causes by taking some drug to divert the symptoms, and if a process of this kind is continued year after year, you are absolutely certain to acquire in the end a chronic disease. To be sure, this chronic disease may be entirely different in character to the acute disease, but nevertheless it has resulted from your habit of preventing the body from curing itself through the aid of the various attacks of the acute disease from which you previously suffered. For you must remember that an acute disease is merely an attempt of the body to cure itself. Drugs are to blame for nearly every chronic disease.

The statement has been made very often that we are a race of semi-invalids, and there is much truth in the charge, but I believe in health of the right kind. Health that is exhilarating, that thrills one with surplus power, that makes one feel that life is something more than the dull, monotonous existence with which most persons seems satisfied. The average individual merely exists. He does not live in every sense of the word, and when the question is propounded, “Is life worth living?” many have good reason for hesitating before making a reply. If you are living in every sense of the word, if you know the meaning of health and strength of the highest degree, if you have been fully, completely developed, you are at times thrilled with the pleasure of mere living. Living then, to you, is beautiful, you are full of strength, you have a surplus supply of vim and energy. You are in complete possession of superior manhood or womanhood. When you possess such a power, an irresistible force presses you onward. Your pleasures come from activity. You are active because you love it. You work because you find pleasure in it, and when you fully accept these theories of life, when you learn the cause of disease, you are filled with self-confidence. There is no need to worry, no mater what disease may attack you. You can be self-composed, you can say to yourself, “I fear no disease, for I am so strong that I cannot be attacked by disease.” When you possess superb health, when your blood contains the elements that maintain the highest degree of physical vigor, disease germs are harmless. You might say that they would be devoured or eliminated from the body as easily as water runs off a duck’s back.

Then there is a theory that we have within ourselves the protective germs, and when we are filled with life and health of the highest degree these germs are always fighting for our good, and when they come in contact with the germs of disease, a fearful battle ensues within us. Imagine, if you can, a battle between the germs of health and disease, that some say is going on all the time within us, and if this theory is true, then all we have to do is to maintain that state of vigor which is essential to ensure that strength to the germs of health which will make them victorious and all their battles. There may be a great deal of “guesswork” in these theories, but there is no guessing in the theories of disease that I have propounded. I have proven their accuracy over and over again, thousands of times, and I have in my files thousands of letters that furnish additional proof. The editing of a magazine such as I publish, is a liberal education, and when I receive letters from all over the world, from persons who have experimented with these theories, and when they say, “I have suffered from this and that disease, and I’ve tried every method known to medical science and have failed to secure results, and after trying your simple suggestions I have been able to secure that health and strength that has been denied me for many years,” then there is no question as to the accuracy of one’s conclusions. They have been tried over and over again thousands of times, they have brought results where every known means advocated by the medical fraternity have failed; they are simple, they bring certain results in practically every instance, and it is a case of believing what you see with your own eyes.

Nearly twenty years have elapsed since I first had occasion to try out these fundamental principles. At that time I was considerable of an athlete; I was indulging in all sorts of athletic contests, and though I have been in the habit of eating but two meals a day for nearly twenty-five years, for a while at that period, I had been eating three meals a day, and I follow this habit because I am healthier and stronger on two meals a day than on three. In fact, I might say for the last month I have only eaten one meal daily, and my health and endurance have increased because of the change from two to one meal a day. Going back, however, to the particular occasion to which I refer, I would say that at that time I contracted a cold. I tried to cure it by increasing my exercise. I ran a number of miles and worked in the gymnasium to induce profuse perspiration. I thought I could eliminate the cold in this manner, but it was apparently too deep seated. I gradually grew worse, and I soon noted various symptoms of pneumonia, the knife-like pain in chest, etc., etc. The problem as to the means of cure finally became acute. Though I had never tried fasting before, I concluded to stop eating. I decided that the impurities were being fed by the food that I put into my stomach. In two days I noticed a difference, a slight change for the better, and I was practically cured in four or five days.

Now suppose I had gone to a medical practitioner and described my symptoms, what would have been the result? He would have said, “You go to bed at once! Why you are seriously sick!” I would have followed his advice, I would have been housed up in a room with closed windows for fear of a draft, I might have been fed on milk and whiskey and a lot of other “stuff,” and if I had followed methods of that kind, I would not be here. I am positive of this conclusion because many years ago I had all the symptoms of incipient consumption, and after building the vigorous health that I now enjoy, I became an enthusiast, a crank, as many might call me. When I first began to search for a cure, I tried everything, all kinds of drugs and dopes. I grew worse, slowly but surely, and as a last resort became interested in exercise, nothing but exercise, and as I was simply dying for the need of some activity of this kind, I recovered. I built myself into a strong man, and the more strength I acquired, the more enthusiastic I grew, the more thoroughly I became convinced that drugs were needless, that the pretensions as to their being able to cure disease were the grossest sort of humbug. You may say that I am a little bit prejudiced, and perhaps I am; but if you had been compelled, as I have been, day after day for many years, to read letters from thousands of victims of drugs, you might be prejudiced against the drugging methods. I believe every man and every woman is entitled to superb health. If you have enough vitality to live, you have enough strength to be healthy. Life, if it is worth living at all, is worth living in its highest, noblest sense. If you cannot be a man or a woman in every way, you might just as well get “off the earth.” Take advantage of every opportunity to develop your body, make yourself strong and capable. Do not let those around you dictate to you. This subject, my friends, is inexhaustible. One could lecture night after night for months, and not begin to give all the details that ought to be known by every individual. Every person should study these vastly important questions for himself. Do not depend on others. Remember you are gifted with the God-given power of reasoning. Use it! Stop allowing others to dictate to you. Don’t allow others to domineer over you. When anyone gives you advice, tell him that you are from Missouri, and you want him to show you, and if you go on striving and struggling for these magnificent rewards, you are sure in the end to reap a harvest that will be satisfactory in every way.

Bernarr Macfadden

Juicing Recipes

A friend of Dr. David’s was generous to supply us with some of her favorite healing recipes for fresh juices. She is a gifted nutritionist with a great amount of experience treating chronic, degenerative diseases such as cancer, MS and digestive disorders.

Protein and Iron 3/4 cup pumpkin seeds
12 ounces spring or filtered water
Place in a blender, blend on low until seeds break up, then blend on high until seeds and water turn into a milk. Strain seed milk, press pulp.
1 banana
1 raw free-range egg yolk (wash egg first)
1 tsp. raw carob powder
2 Tbsp. Flax Seed Oil
2 tsp. Spirilina Powder
Blend on high until smooth

Pineapple/Strawberry (colon cleanser) 8 ounces apple juice
4 ounces filtered or spring water
1/2 cup frozen pineapple
1/2 cup strawberries
2 tbsp. Flax Seed Oil
1 Tbsp raw organic honey (optional)

Banana Mango juice of one green coconut or 1 can coconut milk (organic, no sugar)
1 banana
3/4 cup mango
2 Tbsp. Flax Seed Oil
2 Tsp Spirulina
1 Tbsp. raw organic honey (optional)
Blend on high until smooth

Digestive Problems 8 ounces organic apple juice
4 ounces filtered or spring water
3/4 cup mango
1/2 cup papaya
2 Tbsp. flax Seed Oil
1 Tbsp. Borage oil
1 Tbsp. raw organic honey
Blend until smooth

Potassium, protein, body building

Carrot 7 liquid ounces
Spinach 1/2 bag
Celery 5 liquid ounces
Parsley 1/2 bunch


Carrot 10 liquid ounces
Beet 3 liquid ounces
Cucumber 3 liquid ounce

Digestive health

Carrot 10 liquid ounces
Spinach 6 liquid ounces
This juice is good for healing leaky gut, dysbiosis, malabsorbtion, cancer, restoring digestive function.


Carrot 9 liquid ounces
Celery 7 liquid ounces


Celery 10 liquid ounces
Apple 6 liquid ounces

When juicing carrots please eliminate starches, dairy and sugar.


Lettuce 3 liquid ounces
cucumber 5 liquid ounces
celery 5 liquid ounces
parsley 1 liquid ounces
kale 2 liquid ounces